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The Apartment Consultant eBook

From the co-author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies

Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments

The Apartment Consultant eBook

Dear Fellow Investor,

Two things you must absolutely understand today:

#1 - There is no better time than right now to start investing in apartments
#2 – We have entered a time of generational real estate investment opportunities

In this 200+ page ebook with illustrations, you’ll learn:
  • Guiding principles of investment that you should never invest without!
  • Creative financing strategies…this is for you if…you have little cash…you cannot obtain a loan due to poor credit…or you desire to leverage what cash you have available
  • Raise money from family n’ friends…actual dialogue included…learn what to say and when to say it
  • Learn about the master lease technique where the advantage are…no banks required…you and seller can get as creative as you want on the deal terms…quick closing, low closing costs, closing as quickly as 7 days…seller can generate good interest income per month…buyer can create a good amount of cash flow and equity build-up…
  • Go through real-life case studies on creatively buying apartments from the expert himself
  • Master key investment terms that’ll guarantee to bring you instant credibility and rapport regardless of your experience
  • Learn the one “word” that opens you up to the treasure of creative financing…it’s not what you think it is… guess anyone?
  • How to negotiate like a pro…these strategies are all a part of human nature and take very little effort
  • Learn how to hire and manage property managers anywhere in the US…this is where the money is made…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
  • Discover the #1 cause of why apartment investment fail…this may be the most important chapter you read…
  • Learn how to make offers that get accepted…and more importantly how to not over pay!
  • How to protect your apartment investment from lawsuits

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BONUS!   When you order the 200+ page ebook today, you'll also receive direct access to my Special Report-  'How To Make Money In Real Estate As a Small Investor'

In this Special Report, Peter shares the 3 keys to making money in real estate as a small investor that are time-proven and a must for your success. Also, included are the 4Ms of making money in real estate that every successful apartment owner does whether they know it or not.

This book is an exceptional learning tool, by far the most up to date and informational real estate book in years.  The simplicity and guidance this book offers is a must read. If I only had this book when I ventured into the market I would not have made the simple mistakes that I did. After reading numerous Real Estate "how to books" this is the by far the best one I've read in years. Thank you Peter Harris for all you have helped me and OKI Property Management.

Andrew Dipzinski, Vice President/Operations Manager
OKI Property Management

I just finished reading Peter Harris’ new book, “Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments”. Peter delivers the material so thoroughly, and in such an easy to understand format that anyone regardless of their previous experience will be able to apply the wisdom and exact recipes this book contains. Step-by-step from locating the right property, financial analysis, writing the sales contract, negotiating the deal, to managing the property manager – everything the investor needs to know is contained in this book. I am encouraged that I now have a valuable resource to assist my clients in navigating more safely over the often uneven roads of investing in apartments.
Terry Painter, Chief Lending Officer, Business Loan Store Inc., Medford, OR

Lower your RISK by increasing your KNOWLEDGE - get your hands on this compelling E-book and read every word of it! Becoming an expert apartment investor begins when you take this key step on your journey. Peter's wisdom is based on timeless principles of wealth and prosperity - He is the Coach of Coaches and many seek his counsel. As you read this book he will feel more like a friend who really cares about your success. Trust me.
Patrice Lynn, PCC, CPCC, The NW's Most Certified Business & Leadership Coach


This book will help anyone who wants to understand the apartment ownership game. It is so comprehensive that I can’t believe The Apartment Manager offers it for this incredible low price! Do yourself a favorite - read the book and follow the advice. Take it from someone who learned the business from the “school of hard knocks”, this book and The Apartment Consultant will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.

My husband and I have been real estate investors for 10 years. We started with the purchase of a small condominium and over time purchased apartment buildings in San Francisco, Fresno, Las Vegas, Buffalo, and Cincinnati. If only we had The Apartment Consultant and this book to guide us on the journey. We would have avoided seller misrepresentation of facts, difficulty loan terms, poor property management, unscrupulous tenants, and much more. It was with Peter’s help that we were able to turn our misfortunes around and find creditable service providers.

Charlotte and Andre Wood, National multi-family investors


Peter's book is amazing. It's an encyclopedia of how to find, purchase, manage, and sell apartments. In my years of real estate investing, I've never found where all of this information is in one place. Peter has done it. What is especially important to me is the clear, practical, put-it-to-use-today wisdom on every page. This is must reading for anyone interested in multi-family investing.
Bob and Irma Mitton
Real Estate Investments
Alain Pinel Realtors
QSC certified, Presidents Club, ePro


A "One Stop Shop" for apartment investors!
Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments is an amazing book for novice and seasoned property investors. There is always something new to learn and Peter Harris has found a comfortable way of presenting his wealth of knowledge in the real estate arena. He offers step-by-step formulas that are easy to understand and within reach. I've personally spent years reading books and attending workshops on property investing. Everything I have learned from those books and workshops is included in this one book, plus Peter has given me new tools that I have never been introduced to before.
Buy the book, take the steps and create a secure financial future for yourself in apartment ownership.

Laurie Long, AGL Publishing
Author of:


This is the best book available on investing in apartments. Peter Harris is an expert insider who has made a detailed resource that's approachable. It's literally possible that I will save hundreds of thousands of dollars with the guidance he gave in this book.
Ray East, President of Horizon East, Inc.

Ever wondered if you can effectively build a business in investing in apartments? Stop wondering, because you can. Peter Harris’ new book on Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments is a step-by-step guide in doing just that. This book speaks to best practices, alternative solutions and ways to protect your investments. What’s even great about this book is that it doesn’t require a person to be in the real estate industry for years. Peter’s book speaks to motivated entrepreneurs getting into the real estate business. Leverage Peters experience to get started on yours.
Rachel M. Lunt, Director
Global Strategy Oracle Corp.

Generous is the word to describe the contents in this book. The wealth of information and experience with real life examples is a testimony to Peter himself. I have paid thousands in seminars, books and cd’s to learn what Peter has offered in this one book. No stone is left unturned just a complete volume of commercial real estate investing for everyone.
Dean Kaeo, Real Estate and Business Developer  

I'm please to write this testimonial and endorsement for my good friend Peter Harris. I have spent many hours with this gentleman, and the first thing I realized about him was that his character and integrity are cornerstone pillars in who he is as a person and it is evident in every area of his life. I have found Peter to be a man of great passion who has an incredible love for life and for helping others. The information Peter provides in this book is a WEALTH of information that goes far above and beyond what any person could ever ask or think when it comes to the step-by-step, A-Z process of investing in apartments. You will not be disappointed by what you read and receive in this book, as Peter goes in depth to explain the process of not only how to analyze and buy an apartment building, but how to keep and best protect one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in life.

His insightful teaching and approach to overcoming obstacles and challenges will help any first time investor who’s thinking about investing in apartments overcome fear and step into the realm of unlimited possibilities. May you be blessed as Peter shares his heart and walks you through the process to apartment investing success!

Dr. Juan Lopez, Tribal Praise Ministries

Price: $19.99. Order Here Now!
Download immediately upon order

Once again Peter Harris delivers the “goods” in his latest online book “Creating a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments”. A no nonsense guide for the “average Joe” on the benefits and long term gains to be made in apartments.

I found this book to be most informative, a very well written and concise layout of what it takes to invest in apartments. The book was very straight forward with no “guru” talk and was very easy to understand.
Why more people are not investing in real estate at this time is beyond me. Perhaps it is like Peter says “analysis paralysis” has got them.

-David Ferguson, Florida- Peter’s very first student!


"This is an excellent book! We highly recommend it for those who are serious about rental property investment. Peter has summarized his knowledge and long experience in apartment investments in this book to teach us how to think and invest like the pros, and how to stay away from all the pitfalls.

We are Vince and Cathy Nguyen and Peter has been a very dear friend of our family for many years. In 2001, after we lost a lot of money in the stock market, Peter convinced us to start investing in rental properties. Peter began teaching us the know-how’s such as what type of apartment to look for, how to calculate the numbers, how to deal with the real estate agent, how to select property management company. He was a great teacher and he was there with us all along to provide guidance when we purchased our very first property.

Since 2001, we have used the knowledge that Peter taught us and have since purchased at least one rental property each year. We are doing very well for ourselves considering the facts that we are just part time investors. We wished we had listened to Peter and started investing in rental apartment years earlier. Peter has given us a wonderful gift: the knowledge of rental property investment. Now Peter is transferring all his know-hows to this wonderful e-book "Creating a Financial Fortress - Investing in Apartment". This book is not just for beginners but also for seasoned investors like ourselves. As we read through the materials, we picked up many new tips and techniques that we could use for our next apartment purchases.

We highly recommend this book. It's a Must book for all apartment investors' library!!!"

-Vince and Cathy Nguyen, CA investors

Price: $19.99. Order Here Now!
Download immediately upon order